Friday, December 29, 2006

LibraryThing (It's all Scott's fault)

Last week, just before Scott left for home, he mentioned something to me called "LibraryThing". I had never heard of it, but now it's an addiction (a great replacement now the the fantasy football season is over). A week later, I have nearly all my books cataloged in four different libraries (I'm too cheap to pay for the service, and the free version only allows you to catalog 200 books). I've cataloged them, tagged them, and begun to comment on some of the best (and worst).

You can check out my theological library, my devotional library, my biblical studies library, and my ministry library (there's obviously some overlap).

All four libraries are together in a group called dan's book list. Feel free to browse, borrow, suggest, etc....


Scott Andreas said...

Ha! I found your LibraryThing on Google about a week ago - creepy, no?

Mine is here. There's a lot of junk that I'm ashamed of, and a lot that I've had to buy for classes. I'll separate the wheat from the chaff someday.

Anonymous said...

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