Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mike Huckabee responds to evolution question

I am now a huge fan of Mike Huckabee - not sure I'd ever vote for him, but anyone who quotes Martin Luther in a political debate gets kudo's from me!

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azurewaffle said...

Sadly, Mike Huckabee is an anachronistic throwback. Like anything else, the bible is interpreted to suit the needs of the individual quoting from it. When was the last time you heard anyone quoting from some of the darker pieces (Deuteronomy 13.7 - 13.11). Thankfully, ethics and morals descend from society and culture and not religion. It is clear from Huckabee's stance on evolution that he simply doesn't understand it. Evolution doesn't say that mankind descended from apes nor is it about the origin of life itself. Evolution occurs in babysteps over incredibly long periods of time and creates gradual changes based on its three premises; gene flow, genetic drift and natural selection. Truly it's a shame that more people don't understand evolution and seek to put themselves forward in a position of power. By the way, the US's official stance accepts evolution.