Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Slogan

Being Earth Day, Caleb had to come up with an slogan and a poster as a homework assignment. Scott McKnight posted this image on his blog. Wonder what the response would have been if Caleb had turned this in:


seg said...

Well, you'll have to pardon my initial reaction, but this ad--or whatever it is--is just dumb on all levels. Is the assumption that people that like tress don't care about human life? Or, is it that Earth Day is just a stupid celebration of "saving trees"? Like I said, either way, it's just stupid. I don't know any non-Christian "tree-hugger" who would actually respond to that.

Dan Waugh said...

While I understand the reaction, I think you may be assuming too much about their motivations. I don't think the ad devalues trees or 'tree-huggers', but simply asks that those who value trees give as much consideration to unborn human life. I see it as a good to greater kind of slogan - you care for trees, good; how much more should you care for human life. I know Scott McKnight cares a good deal about 'creation care' and calls the church to the same (See, a very positive review of Christopher Wrights 'The Mission of God')
Is it convincing. I'm with you. I doubt slogans, in a culture that has been sloganeered to death, have any power to convince. whatsoever.