Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Science Experiment

Caleb and a few classmates had to put together a science experiment on lithium. For extra credit, they wanted to do an experiment. I remembered lithium reacts with water, but the hard part was getting my hands on some lithium. Ah, take apart a lithium battery! Here's some picks of the fun:

Taking apart the battery with pliers took over an hour - maybe even two. These things aren't meant to be taken apart - they're built like mini-fortresses.

Watch out, if you take this on, the fumes are strong and not at all good for you. Do it outside.

Also, the battery will likely short on you and get very hot. Could even catch on fire. If it gets hot, put it down for a while to make sure it doesn't catch!

This is what you're after - the battery core. After taking it apart, pull the core out, then unroll it. The lithium is in there with some paper (stinky) and aluminum foil.

Here's a video to show you step by step.

Then, drop a piece in the water. Really, it's not all that impressive. It's kinda like AlkaSelzer. Fizzzzz.

But then get a little more imaginative!

Lite it Up!

Yeah, like pyrotechnics. Sparks. Incredibly bright burn. It was awesome.

The finale!

Before throwing a big piece in the water, light a match and have it ready. When you throw the piece in, hold the match over the fizzing metal. It's letting off hydrogen gas. Great, bright, red, long burning...

the boys weren't disappointed!

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