Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stupid Lyrics

I hate stupid lyrics, especially stupid worship song lyrics. Some of the ones I hate most:

- He Needs Just a Few Good Men, by the Gaithers. Sung on Father's Day across the country. My thoughts...bullsh-t (I didn't swear, I put a - in there!). Since when does God need anyone to accomplish his purposes!

- Above All, Michael W. Smith. I hate the man-centeredness of this song. I know I'm petty, but come on - he thought of me above all? Not really. He prayed in the Garden, "Your will be done", and sought to glorify his Father above all!

- Oh, and here's a new one. All to Show, by Hillsong (sorry no video for this one). The song as a whole isn't horrific, but I can't stand the self-congratulatory, grandiose lyrics in verse one. If we are a history making generation, I doubt it'll be for the right reasons!

We are a history making generation
For all that's true
Jesus, the life that I live is your reflection
It's all for you

And unto your name
All glory and praise
For who you are

(chorus 1)
It's all to show the world
Who you are to me
All to show the world I'm free
In the life you gave

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