Friday, February 27, 2009

A Visual History of My Vehicles

I have no idea why but this week I was feeling car nastalgic. So, here's a visual history of all the POS's I've owned since I turned sixteen:

1979 Chevy Vandura: Ok, so mine was blue and had more rust...Have I ever told you how loud this beast was! Coke cans and coat hanger don't make a good exhaust system. On the plus side, it had wood floors, paneling, a gun rack inside and captains chairs (oh, but they weren't bolted down).

1978 VW Rabbit: Yep, baby blue it was, though I called it carolina blue. I remember it leaked and in the winter you had to scrape the inside of the windows. I did learn how to drive a stick shift on this bad baby blue boy though.

1984 Chevy S-10: My S-10 started off nicer than this (and no stupid flag). It was white. Then after a year it was white with black on the bottom (to hide the rust). Then I painted like a tonka truck (it actually said tonka on the side. Lynn's parents said they knew she loved me when I showed up to there house in that and she was in it). Then I painted it flat black and had to have 2x4's holding the bed together. I bought it for $1000, beat the crap out of it for four years and sold it for $1000. Not bad.

1982 Honda CB650: I only had this for a summer. It was fun, but it's hard when all you have is a motorcycle. Sucks in the rain. Big time. If you could help me talk Lynn into letting me another one, I'd appreciate it (they save money on gas - that's the selling point!).

1990 Chevy Cheyenne: This truck was by far the best, and most expensive vehicle I've ever owned. Of course, I bought it right out of college. Then, when I decided to go to seminary in Chicago I decided a truck wasn't the most practical ride. So, I traded it in for the 94 Cavalier below.

1994 Chevy Cavalier: I traded it that awesome truck for this pos. I hated it. I drove it for 10 years though. Mine was grey - the kids called it the 'Grey Ghost'.

Believe it or not, I traded in the 94 Cavalier (it got towed away after the frame rusted through)for an 88 Nissan 200SX. They kids dubbed that one 'Sand Storm'. Worst part of this car: no radio. Best part: sunroof.

That brings us to my current truck. I like it - though not as much as the Cheyenne. Lynn however can drive this one (it's automatic).

That was fun.


seg said...

Haha, this is great! The Rabbit is my favorite.

no said...

i agree, don't know why but i really enjoyed this, haha! it made me want to do one but i've only owned one car....